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Jul 16 14 9:30 PM

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In addition, the post should be more attentive to what you eat: in ordinary days we get calcium from milk, "the post" daily rate of this mineral dial difficult. Need to know anything except milk contains calcium, and cook, for example, Lobio with sesame or cauliflower with tofu. And to support the immune system enough zinc, put on the table mushrooms and onions and buckwheat.

FIRST ON THE RIGHT - Soup every day. Try to talk yourself useful barley per serving without oil. And the same cereal in sour cabbage soup with mushrooms - a thing quite edible and even tasty. Millet porridge without milk is also not food, and millet gruel with potatoes and onions, with a bay leaf and dill - but at least every day. Buckwheat can be slipped excellent cook and eat buckwheat soup, adding the browned onions and greens.

It's time to recall the biblical mess of pottage, and closer to us pea soup. They wonder how good even without meat, bacon and smoked. Finally, the soup is the most simple and fast food. Pour in boiling water, another package of frozen vegetables; put a couple of spoonfuls of pre-cooked rice or barley, and all!

Lime Salad - Salad is not food instead, and together with it. Cabbage salad is not a symbol of lean meal, but only one of meatless dishes. Shred or grated vegetables - healthy food, but they do not have to stand alone on a table and replace a meal.

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