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Ketone functionality RASPBERRY
Raspberry ketone act on the enzyme lipase that is responsible for the release of fatty acids and fatty discharge cells in the process of fat burning. Simply put - raspberry ketones   increase the effect of exercise and the effect of the child. Most of the people avoid to add in diet them just because they don't like raspberries but they do a biggest mistake, because Ruspberries Affect the process of cleansing the liver that are in our body responsible for the metabolism of fats and toxins. A healthy liver so easily perform their function and body tend to accumulate fat.
•    Ketones raspberries
•    Enhance fat metabolism
•    Suppress appetite and
•    Affecting fat digestion
Ketones Raspberry (Raspberry ketones) affect the hormone adiponectin. Studies have shown that people who are naturally skinny have this hormone is present to a greater extent than others. These people are therefore much easier to consume foods that are consumed faster is converted into energy. Those who are prone to gaining weight, have a deficiency of this hormone, so they tend to accumulate fat deposits because the food they introduced into the body are not spending the way.