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Jan 21 14 1:20 AM

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Swedish scientists, the intellectual level of the children who ate fish more
argue that high . According to studies , children who eat fish often leads to high levels of thinking ability . Research conducted at the University of 3 thousand 972 Swedish adolescents aged 15 attended . According to the results , children who ate fish once a week from the age of 15 after three years to develop the intellectual level is better than 7 % . Children who ate fish more than once a week , this figure is 12 % . According to scientists, to ensure that children have fish at least once a week . It also helps them grow Dietary .

But you must remember that children play an important role in fish, which is based on common sense, the growth orientation of their parents . Second- grade children foods such as fish plays an important role in the formation of the correct way of thinking .

Salt is harmful to minors
The studies showed that the blood pressure in young children eating too much salt increases and their
are putting their health in jeopardy . 4.7 grams of salt per day, eat the usual four- year-old children , it is recommended 2-3 grams more than the norm .

Now, for every gram of blood pressure increases . This increases the risk of heart disease and stroke . Experts urge parents to give special attention to the amount of salt in food products . This is especially the " chips " refers to products such as salted .Weight Loss Products
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Jun 6 14 3:30 AM

Heather Matthew Review

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